The Catholic Monarchs

ilustres camino santiago reyes_catolicos

Ferdinand II, The Catholic and Isabella “The Catholic Monarchs”Based on written and historical sources. The Catholic Monarchs are situated on a neutral background in three-quarters profile, without gazing at the viewer which gives them an air of majestic distance. The Queen Isabel is on the right-hand side of King Ferdinand, she’s in profile, enigmatic and … Read more

Pero Fernández

ilustre camino santiago Pero Fernandez

Pero Fernándezoil, 81x65cm. Imagined Portrait of Pero Fernández.Based on written and historical sources. He is in a praying position and with his head uncovered due to the arrival of Saint, above a cloud which throws its light on him. Surrendered in its contemplation he waits for instructions. He wears a white robe and the cross … Read more

Calixto II, Pontifex Romanus

ilustre Calixto II, Pontifex Romanus

Calixto II, Pontifex Romanusoil, 81x65cm. Imagined Portrait of Calixto II. Pontifex RomanusBased on written and historical sources. He is painted on a neutral background in which a soft celestial light illuminates him while he writes his celebrated manuscript. Concentrating on his task he supports himself on a lectern in the shape of a column, at … Read more

Diego Gelmírez, bishop of Santiago

ilustre Diego Gelmirez obispo de Santiago

Diego Gelmírez, bishop of Santiagooil, 81x65cm. Imagined Portrait of Bishop Diego Gelmirez of SantiagoBased on written and historical sources. I have painted him on a neutral background and confronting the viewer, he’s scrutinizing and a little fearful and distrustful, due to the murder attempts that he has had, and in front of him is a … Read more

Ramiro I

camino santiago ilustres ramiro_I

Ramiro Ioil, 81x65cm. Imagined Portrait of Ramiro I.Based on written and historical sources. The King is a little displaced to create the feeling of movement and of someone who is active. He is presented on a background with three sections and is contrasted in the way of a Mozarabic manuscript where he narrates the apparition … Read more

Alfonso II, The Chaste

camino de santiago alfonso_II_el_casto

Alfonso II El Castooil, 81x65cm. Imagined Portrait of Alfonso II of Asturias, The Chaste.Based on written and historical sources. To hallmark his spiritual side, I’ve portrayed him in a relaxed attitude and with moderate gentle gestures. He is placed between two arcs and he is the first person to narrate the discovery of Santiago the … Read more