Diego Gelmírez, bishop of Santiago

ilustre Diego Gelmirez obispo de Santiago

Diego Gelmírez, bishop of Santiago
oil, 81x65cm.

Imagined Portrait of Bishop Diego Gelmirez of Santiago
Based on written and historical sources.

I have painted him on a neutral background and confronting the viewer, he’s scrutinizing and a little fearful and distrustful, due to the murder attempts that he has had, and in front of him is a relic of the Saint’s head.

Gelmirez has the attributes that correspond to a Bishop position: a blue chasuble along with a papal canopy, a gold miter with a turquoise stone in the center. On his right hand he shows off his Episcopal ring, and holds a fabulous gold and silver staff covered with precious stones and turquoises, he grips them almost like defence weapons.

The other hand rests on the Saint’s coveted head, full of precious stones that the Queen Urraca obtained and donated to the cathedral as it is signed at its base in a Latin formulation: URRACA REGINA OFERET.

I have situated the Bishop’s name in the upper right-hand corner of the painting.