Alfonso II, The Chaste

camino de santiago alfonso_II_el_casto

Alfonso II El Casto
oil, 81x65cm.

Imagined Portrait of Alfonso II of Asturias, The Chaste.
Based on written and historical sources.

To hallmark his spiritual side, I’ve portrayed him in a relaxed attitude and with moderate gentle gestures.

He is placed between two arcs and he is the first person to narrate the discovery of Santiago the Apostle’s tomb to the Bishop Teodomiro, just like the well-known conserved image. To balance the painting I’ve incorporated in the other arc a tomb and an angel. The King seems to be listening to what has happened and then can attest to as well as have faith in.

The texts are written in Latin just like in the miniatures of the time. The figure of the King is centralized with weight, he is placed between both arcs and is wearing a crown and has a sceptre. He wears a Byzantine style cape that is clasped with a turquoise brooch. He also has an undulating violet tunic with fringed cuffs and neck which is similar to the miniature portrait of him in the Testament Book.