The Catholic Monarchs

ilustres camino santiago reyes_catolicos

Ferdinand II, The Catholic and Isabella “The Catholic Monarchs”
Based on written and historical sources.

The Catholic Monarchs are situated on a neutral background in three-quarters profile, without gazing at the viewer which gives them an air of majestic distance. The Queen Isabel is on the right-hand side of King Ferdinand, she’s in profile, enigmatic and sure of herself, she looks out towards the horizon and towards the task she must carry out in behalf of God’s name and with Santiago’s guidance for The Reconquest; the King is at her side, in the same composure, elbow-to-elbow but each one with independence and with proper decisiveness as well as personality.

Queen Isabella has royal attributes; she wears a gold crown with pomegranates and a silver sceptre in her hands. She dressed in velvet green finished off in gold and pearls, her blouse has the insignia of Leon and Castile, her brooch has the Cross of Santiago and a scallop, finished off with pearls that sustain her veil which covers her head. Her shoulders are cloaked with fur up to her neck. King Ferdinand is in crimson, with padding and wears a porthole hat, crown and sceptre. Within his arms there is the handle of a sword. He has a gold chain along with Santiago’s cross and his cloak’s neckline is lined with fur.

On the upper part of the painting his name is written in Latin just like the moulding found in the Archaeological Museum in Madrid.