Pero Fernández

ilustre camino santiago Pero Fernandez

Pero Fernández
oil, 81x65cm.

Imagined Portrait of Pero Fernández.
Based on written and historical sources.

He is in a praying position and with his head uncovered due to the arrival of Saint, above a cloud which throws its light on him.

Surrendered in its contemplation he waits for instructions. He wears a white robe and the cross of the order he founds, which I repeat, as a symbol, in the paper that Santiago carries.

Pulling his sleeves back, we can see his soldier condition, thanks to his chain mail and his sword. He has long hair, cut in locks, like the knights in the book of his order.

At the bottom of the picture, I have written his name and the sentences in latin, with the same text that is shown in his tomb. DON PERO FERNÁNDEZ, FUNDATOR ORDONIS MILITAE SANCTI JACOBI 1120