Ramiro I

camino santiago ilustres ramiro_I

Ramiro I
oil, 81x65cm.

Imagined Portrait of Ramiro I.
Based on written and historical sources.

The King is a little displaced to create the feeling of movement and of someone who is active. He is presented on a background with three sections and is contrasted in the way of a Mozarabic manuscript where he narrates the apparition of St. James the Great when he defeated the Muslims in the legendary Battle of Clavijo. In another section of celestial dimensions in the painting, The Saint crowns the experienced, war faring King.

Defiant Ramiro I is wearing luxurious clothing that corresponds to his rank and refined taste. His vermillion cloak is clasped with brooch encrusted in a grand emerald and pearls, like the one Charlemagne wears, who harmonizes white and green garments.

In Ramiro’s right hand he upholds a bludgeon, with a blustering gesture signalling his troops in full battle, just like the depicted Apostle, who is an example to follow.

He is sustained by a bright ashlar like the ones in his palace, where he has his name inscribed.

Se apoya sobre un sillar de piedra clara como los de su exquisito palacio, donde inscribo el nombre.