retratos de perro dobo

Portraits of Dogs

retratos de personas emilia

Portraits of people

retrato reyes catolicos

Historical painting

Francis de Blas. Portrait painter

A portrait specialist since 1985, Francis de Blas makes oil on canvas of a single subject or a family group (marriage or either with children). Also Commemorative, Honoring or Posthumous portraits.

His passion for History took him to develop his skills in the genre of Historical Portraits, to help with the preservation and spreading of the memory of celebrated and prominent figures.

In Francis De Blas’s pictorial work, the dog occupies an important place, emphasized by his anthropomorphic portraits. Portraits of Dogs dressed in period suits that result in a surprising and unique humane appearance.

For more information, see Selection of Portraits and Biography.

Pet portrait painter

Portrait painting of dogs

Portraits of Dogs

Portraits of Dogs With Master

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Individual or family portraits by request. Oil on canvas.

Adults , Children and Portraits with historical suits.

Adults portraits

Portraits of children

Period dressed

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Historical portrait

Portraits to preserve and to spread the person´s celebrated memory

Exposición Europa fue Camino

Santiago Pilgrimage

Illustrious of Vizcaya

Illustrious of Rioja

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Portrait Bartolomé de las Casas

Maria de Medicis Series

Henry VIII and his six wives portraits

Roman emperors