Ramiro I

camino santiago ilustres ramiro_I

Ramiro Ioil, 81x65cm. Imagined Portrait of Ramiro I.Based on written and historical sources. The King is a little displaced to create the feeling of movement and of someone who is active. He is presented on a background with three sections and is contrasted in the way of a Mozarabic manuscript where he narrates the apparition … Read more

Alfonso II, The Chaste

camino de santiago alfonso_II_el_casto

Alfonso II El Castooil, 81x65cm. Imagined Portrait of Alfonso II of Asturias, The Chaste.Based on written and historical sources. To hallmark his spiritual side, I’ve portrayed him in a relaxed attitude and with moderate gentle gestures. He is placed between two arcs and he is the first person to narrate the discovery of Santiago the … Read more