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Maria de Medicis Series

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Shows the series “Maria de Medicis” after Rubens at Casa Décor in Madrid.

Francis De Blas gathers 19 paintings done by Rubens which glorify Maria de Medici’s reigning period from the collection in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Painted in oil while employing the binding and “glacis” techniques used by the Great Masters in small format (46 x 38 cm), which was what Rubens had done (did) to show the queen his portraits. The original paintings measure 4 x 3 meters & 4 x 7 meters, the three of them are landscape scale.

It’s an unprecedented collection in its genre, along with what Nattier had done for Louis XIV in engravings. The whole series rounded up as well as the completed paintings by De Blas were executed in the Louvre’s gallery in which the originals are situated.


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