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Illustrious of Vizcaya

The Illustrious Vizcayan Gallery gathers 31 portraits painted in oil by Francis De Blas. These paintings are obtained from 16th, 17th, 18th, and the early 19th century originals. They were completed with an eagerness to compile a piece of Vizcaya’s History of those who had left their imprint as well as their very own image.

For centuries copying has been the school for learning the art of painting and for discovering the Great Masters’ technical secrets. Another valuable plus in copying is the ability in reaching a widespread audience. It’s a power to show works of art that for diverse motivations are not seen nor contemplated by the public eye. This is precisely the case here. Since 1994 and for nine years thereafter, the investigational struggle and effort in locating the originals, obtaining crucial data, getting authorizations and finally painting them was in itself an extensively intensive project.

There are big names in the collection: Goya, Carnicero, Paret and other anonymous painters. Some of them have fine brushstrokes and others with clumsy ones in their execution. However, all of them embrace the enchantment and flavour of their era.

The original paintings are found throughout Spain, France and Latin America and Miami, USA.

This collection has been made possible by the impetus and tenacity of the ex-head of the Historic Heritage Society in Vizcaya, Mr. Aingeru Zabala.

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