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Neo Ama de Kass Fanzine

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In the early 80’s he starts his career in the field of illustrations, comics and drawings made in black and white. He founded the underground publication Neo Ama de Kass

FANZINE was a publication created in November 1982. The first edition published was numbered 0. It was in circulation until the 4th edition in August 1983. The catastrophic floods in Bilbao destroyed its financing as well as its distribution.

FANZINE’S sheet-of-paper-sized format was edited and printed on couche paper. The sleek cover and choice contents were meticulously presented. It contained sections on Art, Comics, Fashion, Literature, Movies, Music and Photography.

They were all in reference to local, national and international activities current at the time. Every section had specialized collaborators and contributors for each subject matter.

The initial offset printing was at 100 copies which went up to 500 copies and then up to 1000 copies.


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Fanzine Neo Ama de Kass n 0 Fanzine Neo Ama de Kass n 1 Fanzine Neo Ama de Kass n 2 Fanzine Neo Ama de Kass n 3 Fanzine Neo Ama de Kass num 4
nº 0 nº 1 nº 2 nº 3 nº 4
Comic La Carroza Asesina Comic Tengo un precio Comic La Mode Comic Bailes Modernos Comic Te gustara Comic Vamos a jugar
La Carroza Asesina Tengo un precio La mode Bailes Modernos Te gustará Vamos a jugar

Cartel Neo Ama de Kass 2 Cartel Neo Ama de Kass 3 Cartel Neo Ama de Kass 3 color Cartel Neo Ama de Kass 3a Cartel Neo Ama de Kass 3a  Culturista Neo Ama de Kass


Press references

– Neo Ama de Kass
– La movida como medio
– Francis de Blas, la vanguardia impenitente


Other Works

Serie Gaueko (1984)

Serie Gaueko Serie Gaueko 2 Serie Gaueko 3 serie gaueko ronda 28 serie gaueko el kotis Serie Gaueko 4

Serie fotográfica Gaueko 1 Serie fotográfica Gaueko 2 Serie fotográfica Gaueko 3 Serie fotográfica Gaueko 4 Serie fotográfica Gaueko 5


Bilbao, la muerte (1986)

serie bilbao la muerte serie bilbao la muerte 2 serie bilbao la muerte 3 serie bilbao la muerte 4 serie bilbao la muerte 5 serie bilbao la muerte 6


Press references

– Bilbao, la muerte
– Sintonía cerebral